We Feed The UK is weaving together the arts and environment, to re-story regenerative farmers as custodians of Britain’s biocultural diversity. Launching on 8th February 2024 at The Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool, this harvest season we’re giving the country a taste of what’s to come with billboards going live in the north, south, east and west.

We would love to know if you spot them in the wild – take a pic and tag #WeFeedTheUK on social media! You can find The Gaia Foundation on InstagramLinkedIn and X.

We’re also seeking support for We Feed The UK. The time is ripe to revalorise the folk feeding people and planet and everyone is welcome to join the food revolution. If you can contribute financially, any donations are gratefully received here.

With farming fundamental to nature recovery, community cohesion and climate resilience, We Feed The UK will use the transformative power of positive storytelling to grow support for regenerative agriculture, from citizens and farmers.

In collaboration with some incredible arts partners, we have commissioned 10 photographers who can change our perspective, to document 10 regenerative farmers in 10 regions of the UK.

Meet the photographers

This decentralised approach recognises the localised wisdom of our allies, empowering regional voices to capture relatable stories in relevant landscapes. Our arts partners will publish the photographers’ collections through free exhibitions and books in 2024-25, alongside barn-based events to reach farmers on their patch.

Meet the arts partners

We’ve also teamed up with the Hot Poets to commission 10 spoken work artists who can cut through the noise. Their voices will add diverse dialects to the mix, telling the stories sprouting from nature friendly farming including climate resilience, food justice and seed sovereignty.

Meet the Hot Poets

We want the impact of this campaign to be collective growth, that’s local and longterm. Calls to action from 10 aligned environment partners, who are leading the regenerative farming transition, will support citizens and farmers to play their part in the movement.

Meet the environment partners

We Feed The UK will launch in early 2024. Through 2023 we’ve been foraging for ideas, cultivating a campaign with the diverse community that it celebrates. You can see the fruits of our labour in pop-up portraits taken by Louis Little: we began at Oxford Real Farming Conference, swung by Groundswell and ended up at the Land Skills Fair.

Big thanks to creative wizards Glimpse for their billboard designs, and Drops In The Ocean for gifting We Feed The UK £100,00 of billboard space.