We Feed the World is a storytelling campaign, showcasing the smallholder farmers and fishers who work with nature to produce 70% of the world’s food on less than a quarter of its farmland. In 2018, over 300 photographs featuring 50 examples of agroecology in action were exhibited around the world, engaging an audience of 55 million people.

This year the project is evolving into We Feed The UK: celebrating the folk who nourish these isles at a critical moment for the future of British farming. The time is ripe for a just food system that nourishes the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

We popped up with photographer Louis Little, at the planet’s largest agroecological gathering  – the 2023 Oxford Real Farming Conference – to capture the portraits of UK sowers, growers, farmers and allies. Meet them all below.

We Feed The UK

Photographs © Louis Little for The Gaia Foundation