We had a fantastic start to 2024 at the Oxford Real Farming Conference with a pop up exhibition showcasing a selection of We Feed the UK portraits, taken by photographer Louis Little.

We Feed the UK is a radical re-storying of regenerative farmers, food producers and grain rebels; custodians of biocultural diversity across land, sea, soil and seed.

Their nature-friendly practices are the root of our future resilience, and the time is ripe to elevate these efforts in support of the regenerative farming transition.

Throughout 2023 we foraged for ideas, cultivating a campaign with the diverse community that it celebrates. These pop up portraits were taken by photographer Louis Little at last years ORFC, Groundswell and Land Skills Fair. They paint a picture of this inspiring, inclusive and innovative movement, (re)growing an agri-culture to nourish people and planet.

As always, ORFC was two full days of inspirational talks, workshops and panels. It felt pertinent that the emerging theme of this year’s conference was spirituality, and how tapping into our deep call to the land can support system transformation. We Feed The UK launches on 8 February 2024 and will continue to tell these stories, of the farmers, growers, grain rebels and seed custodians nurturing people and planet.

Portraits by Louis Little.