During the final three weeks of We Feed the World in Frome, we were thrilled to collaborate with some of the most inspirational food producers, farmers, rewilders, herbalists and foragers around to bring a series of three talks unpacking everything from wild nutrition to agri-rewilding.

Our thanks to Tasha Stevens Vallecillo and Seth Tabatznik at 42 Acres, Chris Smaje and Cordelia Rowlatt at Vallis Veg, Root to Stem author Alex Laird from Living Medicine, Somerset farmer and rewilder Ben Goldsmith, James Turner from Glimpse, Gaia’s Hal Rhoades and to our wonderful venue partners, Ed and Sarah at the Rise Frome. Special thanks to our sponsors Be the Earth Foundation.

All three of the talks were filmed by Angelfish Productions, and we’ve gathered them here to share with you. We hope you enjoy this deep dive into some of the most critical issues relating to how we feed the world.


Wild Nutrition

Alex Laird, author of From Root to Stem in conversation with Tasha Stevens Vallecillo, production manager at 42 Acres just outside Frome. Alex and Tasha explore the importance of nutrient dense, wild and locally grown foods to our health and immunity, and how we can incorporate this greater diversity into our diets. With accompanying visuals, plants and produce, they will also consider ways in we can ensure locally diverse foods are shared equitably across society.

Watch the video of the talk here! 


A Small Farm Future – How We Feed the World and Nurture the Planet

Chris Smaje, author of A Small farm Future, and Cordelia Rowlatt who together run Vallis Veg in Frome discuss the ways in which a small farm future can be realised in the UK and globally, and how they’re doing their part on the outskirts of Frome. James Turner from communications organisation Glimpse discusses the role that communications can play in telling the story of regenerative farming in more compelling and disruptive ways, and Peter Macfadyen, author of Flatpack Democracy weaves in local politics, innovation and chairs this lively & urgent conversation.

Watch the Video here! 


Agri-Rewilding – How Rewilding and Small-scale Agriculture can Thrive

Rewilding is an incredibly inspiring, large-scale and regenerative approach to restore the diversity we have lost, but how do we ensure that our food production needs are also integrated and flourish. Passionate rewilding advocate Ben Goldsmith is joined by Hal Rhoades from The Gaia Foundation and Tasha Stevens-Vallencillo and Seth Tabatznik from 42 Acres, Somerset to unpack the potential and the layers of ‘agri-wilding’.

Watch the Video here! 


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