Released on 10th November 2020, the new We Feed the World book follows on from our 2018 exhibition of the same name. The book features photos taken by some of the world’s more pre-eminent photographers, including Graciela Iturbide, Pieter Hugo, Tanya Habjouqa, Martin Parr and Omar Victor Diop. Each photographer travelled to the communities in question to spend time with them, learn about their way of life and learn how growing food can nourish people and planet, body and spirit.

With a foreword written by renowned food sovereignty advocate Vandana Shiva, this is a beautiful work of art and activism not to be missed.

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In chapters themed around biodiversity, water, seed, pollinators and more, We Feed the World explores the myriad ways in which small-scale producers are trailblazing positive paths into the future. Each communities story is explored in texts accompanying beautiful photographs.

Despite facing major threats from Big Agriculture, mining corporations and the industrial food system, these farming and fishing communities are living the solutions to many of the most pressing problems we face today.

Research released this week has revealed  that the industrial food system is responsible for up to 1/3 of all carbon emissions and its expansion jeopardises our ability to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius.

Employing agroecological, low-impact and low-emission techniques, small-scale famers and fisher-people feed the world, care for Nature and help cool the planet.