We were thrilled to see the book of We Feed the World among the top ten positive climate reads chosen by Carbon Literacy for World Book Day in March.

‘With a forward by food activist Vandana Shiva, the book tells us stories of resilience, community, agroecology, women’s empowerment, and the critical role of seed and food sovereignty in navigating the climate emergency.’

Released in 2020, the book follows on from our 2018 exhibition of the same name and features photos taken by some of the world’s more pre-eminent photographers, including Graciela Iturbide, Pieter Hugo, Tanya Habjouqa, Martin Parr and Omar Victor Diop. Each photographer spent time with the farmers and fishers they photographed, to learn about their way of life and how growing food can nourish people and planet, body and spirit.

In chapters themed around biodiversity, water, seed, pollinators, women, climate and more, We Feed the World explores the myriad ways in which small-scale producers are trailblazing positive paths to the future. The result is a beautiful work of art and activism.

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